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SOCRATES utilises artificial intelligence to democratise medical education on a global scale, enabling clinical development anytime, anywhere.

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We make better doctors.

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Integrated learning

Diagnose and treat virtual patients through voice interaction, interpretation of clinical investigations and direct questioning on best practice management.


Interact through voice to consult and diagnose virtual patients.


Request and interpret case specific investigations derived from real patient data.


Revise the best practice management of simulated conditions through direct questioning.

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Direct quantitative feedback provided across a range of metrics including consultation skill, clinical safety, empathy and knowledge.


Track your progress across a broad range of specialties, abilities and settings.


Compete against colleagues and showcase your clinical prowess!

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Change the way you learn.

SOCRATES brings medical education outside of the hospital using artificial intelligence to create an immersive clinical environment, enabling you to develop as a clinician anytime, anywhere.

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